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Lifetime Commercial

Commercial Cleaning

Make your Coworking Space,Medical Office,Dental Office,Retail Space,Office Building sanitized with Confidence

Now more than ever keep your workplace safe for your employees so they can complete their job with no worries.

Why Lifetime Commercial?


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Commercial Services for your business needs

Lifetime Commercial was created to revolutionize the process of services performed for businesses. The way it works now is the market is cornered by a handful of companies that "franchise" out the business to individual people and pay them as independent contractors.

This is wrong and takes advantage of people by not being held responsible for finances, health, and benefits. The parent company is essentially running a legal pyramid scheme that pays the people performing the work and taking the risk a small cut while making them pay a fee to their company to work. The parent company shares no information as to how they charge the client and makes up what they call "fair pay" to people performing the work.

This is where Lifetime Business comes in to make things fair and balanced. We're the paradigm shift that will change the industry for the good and long term.

Lifetime Solution

Lifetime Business will base all jobs off time of work, and be transparent with our customers to see exactly how long a job takes. By letting customers see the time this will hold all Lifetime Business employees accountable and build quality relationships with our clients as well.

Our long term goal is to save customers money while retaining trust with them. This matters because all small businesses spend time trying to build something special, and the last thing you should have to worry about is your service needs.

How is Lifetime Business able to save my business money?

Lifetime Business is a solo founded company which means the final decisions come from one individual instead of multiple parties. This makes a difference because I've been in your exact position and it's not fair nor right. We will change this for the better.

How does Lifetime Business make money?

We provide multiple services in residential and business services. By taking this approach we're not depending on one stream of income, and having to charge more money. Everything we do is a long term approach and has been thought out for years.

Client Benefits

Airborne Certified

Modern Training

Customized Training

Online Payments

Medical Grade Supplies

HEPA Vacuums

Focus on Work that matters and grow your business.

100% Guarantee. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Your most precious asset is your time.

100% Guarantee. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.



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